"Lisa is one of those people who bends the space-time continuum. I'm not sure how she can be as young as she is and as accomplished as she is."

- Stephen Gencarella, Author and Folklorist

See Lisa in the wild:

How freelancers can ensure they're paid fairly and on time in a crisis

Lisa provides tips to freelancers on invoicing clients during COVID-19 in an interview for Business Insider.
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Do You Save by Bundling TV and Internet?

Do you really need those extra TV channels? Lisa explains the concept of feature creep (and how to avoid it) in an article for Best Company.
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Coronavirus: Book award travel now or wait?

Lisa provides insight into how COVID-19 is affecting travel rewards programs via interview in a piece for CreditCards.com.
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Beware The Preserve! (But Enjoy the Hike)

New England folklorist Stephen Gencarella discusses a mythical state forest and Lisa's efforts to map its trails.
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Shelter Island on iCRV Radio

Lisa joins the April 8th episode of Shelter Island to talk about hiking, maps, and local legends.
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UPF MSc in International Business Thesis Award

Lisa's team wins best thesis from the 2016-2017 MSc in International Business program at Universitat Pompeu Fabra's Barcelona School of Management.
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Tips and Tricks for New College Grads

Lisa gives financial advice to college graduates beginning their careers in an article for Money.
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